An Assassin. by Vicky-Pandora

My character Rhëa as a dragon rider ! I created the design of her dragon and named him Braheart ! HTTYD is so perfeeeeect !!

Some of my elves ~~ Rhëa, my elvenqueen, Lunabelle and Eliabelle -sisters- and Lïonelle and Elwing ~ They are from different elves’ races.

Ming Wa from The Legend of Korra ~ 

:COMM: In the end … by Vicky-Pandora

Amshet. by Vicky-Pandora

Some doodles made for the color challenge !

Thranduil ; Nick Fury and Toothless ♥

Toothless. by Vicky-Pandora

Lottery Prize. by Vicky-Pandora

Emergency Portrait Commissions [OPEN] by Vicky-Pandora

Posez moi une questiooon ~ —

The one to rule them all. by Vicky-Pandora

BACK FROM HELL ! Working on a picture of my Lady Sauron


second giveaway prize for rheagarwendhal ! she is really talented at drawing and has such a great project for Rhea * * 

I swear water is my nemesis, I can never get it right ughghgh 
(et j’espère que je suis pas trop partie à l’ouest dans l’interprétation du perso non plus aha) 

(bigger version)

Ma Rhëa chérie ♥ Merci encore <3

Secret Valentine Rhea and Liam by mishelly88