The one to rule them all. by Vicky-Pandora



TUMBLR ULTIMATE STRIP-TEASE GAME ! Wanna see this hot bitchy dude get naked ?

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kisses, Orphee’ <3

This is my most popular post now… ahead my GOT cards X°D ….

BACK FROM HELL ! Working on a picture of my Lady Sauron


second giveaway prize for rheagarwendhal ! she is really talented at drawing and has such a great project for Rhea * * 

I swear water is my nemesis, I can never get it right ughghgh 
(et j’espère que je suis pas trop partie à l’ouest dans l’interprétation du perso non plus aha) 

(bigger version)

Ma Rhëa chérie ♥ Merci encore <3

Secret Valentine Rhea and Liam by mishelly88


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Jessica Rabbit by Vicky Pandora.

Belle ©. VickyPandora.


I already did some drawing of my Rhëa with Thranduil, I would love so much to draw them together more often, It would be perfect to see her being Legolas’s mother ;o;


Annnnnnnnnnd START ! *0*//

Under the Throne. by Vicky-Pandora


Sauron. by Vicky-Pandora

Sauron. by Vicky-Pandora

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Another bunch 

1. WOW Undead in a comfy hoody  for blankmv

2. Hawke for wardenswatch

3. Rhëa for vicky-pandora

4. Child Sibylla for sibylla-surana